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2020 F250 MegaRaptor™ Crew Cab LONGBED Lariat

Complete, turn-key trucks, ready to drive. It's all we do at MegaRexx™ Trucks. And this one can be yours!

This is a fully upgraded 2020 MegaRaptor™ Ford Super Duty Crew Cab LONGBED, handcrafted at our headquarters in sunny Wilmington, NC. This 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo-Diesel cranks out 475HP and a whopping 1,050LBF-FT of ground-pounding torque. This F-250 Lariat 4x4 is finished in crisp Magnetic Metallic with Ebony Black micro-perforated leather. It's factory-equipped with a TorqShift® 10-speed automatic transmission with Selectable Drive Modes, FX4 Off-Road Package, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®), power moonroof, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, power-sliding rear window, keyless entry with remote start, rearview camera, reverse sensors, and much, much more. This truck is LOADED!

The 4.5" Icon progressive coil springs in the front and 5" multi-leaf springs out back provide the necessary lift, and it has fully adjustable rear height with Ford's rear spring bump stops. It also features the proprietary MegaRexx stronger and longer radius arms, Fox Racingshocks, and an Iconadjustable track bar.

Our CAD-designed, laser-cut steel halo supports the tilt-action front end with nitrogen gas shocks to assist with opening and closing the hood. The truck rides on 20" 3-piece aluminum military MRAP wheels with NO spacers(!) and 46" x 15.5" (395/85R20) Michelin XZL tires, and the rims are equipped with custom rock rings for protection. To compensate for the MegaRaptor™ upgrades, this truck has been re-geared to 4:88 gears and the speedometer was program-corrected. The firewall is trimmed and reinforced to allow more room for the 46" tires, and a reinforced plate is welded in to fill the area. The conversion also includes a custom grille, stadium bumper, and Anzo Switchback headlights.

The outer bedsides are trimmed with our beefy, fat fenders that are both bolted and bonded to the bed — a full 9" wider than stock on each side! All seams were clearanced, and the body was sanded, primed, and painted to perfection. The optional LineXcoating was applied to the bed, front fenders, bedsides, accessories, and other surfaces before the final assembly, full alignment, and thorough road test were completed. To maximize quality control, all of the bodywork, paint, and LineX is done in-house.

Raised axles and differentials with larger tires ensure you will easily clear rocks, snow, mud, and other obstacles. The larger diameter tires we utilize are also wider than stock, which helps to prevent the tires from potentially sinking into soft terrain. Our proprietary, computer-aided design body modifications allow the use of larger tires with very little lift, which helps to keep the center of gravity down low for increased stability and is further enhanced by the much wider track!

In addition to the well-equipped Ford F-250 factory options, this MegaRaptor™ also includes:

- Air-powered train horns
- AMP Research™ XL electric side steps/running boards
- Anzo™ Switchback™ headlights
- B&W RollOver™ trailer hitch system
- Fox Racing™ shocks with reservoirs
- Gen-Y™ Heavy Hitch™
- Hypertech™ calibrated speedometer
- LED Off-road lights and light bars
- MegaRexx™ High & Tight™ bumper
- MegaRexx™ Smasher™ bumper
- Military MRAP aluminum wheels
- Titan™ oversized fuel tanks
- TPMS tire pressure monitoring sensors
...and much, much more!

Here's some helpful information on engineering, design, and processes behind the MegaRaptor™ from MegaRexxTrucks:

ALL MegaRaptor™ conversions begin with a teardown of the entire front clip, removal of the bedsides, installing the 4" lift to level the truck, and installing longer shocks on the front and rear.

Our base conversion package includes all fiberglass parts, the steel halo that supports the hood and lights, the links for the tilt mechanism, headlights, tail lights, grill, amber lights for the grill, gas shocks that help lift and hold the hood open, and the necessary parts to facilitate the larger wheel and tire combination. When you discuss your specific needs with us, we will price your options and current costs for those items. The base conversion package also includes color-matched paint for your truck completed by our talented in-house body & paint team. Two-tone paint schemes, pearls, and complete repaints are additional.

The MegaRaptor™ base conversion package also includes moving the front axle forward 1.5" to allow the larger tires to clear the firewall. We designed a super-strong steel halo used on the front of the truck to support the slick one-piece tilting hood, headlights, and grill. The hood is held closed by internal rubber lockdowns, the same used on Freightliner™ semi-trucks — easy to snap down and hidden from view.

Every component is hand-fitted with close attention to detail, fit, and finish. The rear bedsides are bolted to the frame with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The undersides of the fenders are undercoated. There are galvanized 3/4" steel struts that secure the outer fenders — just like the original truck, but much heavier.

Once the MegaRaptor™ body conversion is complete, the nitrogen gas shocks are added to support the tilt hood when open. The windshield washer squirters are added onto the wiper arms. The front cowl is trimmed to fit the hood with a close fit. The radio whip attached to the right front hood hinge is kept in place by trimming the hinge and retaining the antenna support.

MegaRaptor™ fenders and hoods have 3" of the wheel well removed to allow fitment of the larger wheel and tire combination. The hand-laid fiberglass process we utilize is so thick in these areas that no additional modifications are required. There is no lip or return to allow mud, snow, and sand to fall off the wheel wells easily.

Once back from our in-house paint shop, the hardware for the hood and fenders is replaced with anodized aluminum parts. We use Anzo™ Switchback™ headlamps which are white around the edges and they glow amber when the turn signals are activated. Lastly, the wheels and tires are installed, the truck is road-tested and final adjustments are made.

The MegaRaptor™ by MegaRexx™ Trucks relies on the reliable power of Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks equipped with the 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel. The MegaRaptor™ needs the power and torque of the turbo-diesel to accommodate the larger 46"x 15.5" Michelin XZL (395/85R20) tires mounted on MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) aluminum wheels. These are the current wheels and tires fitted to military FMTV and other larger vehicles. To ensure proper acceleration and retain the towing ability, we re-gear the axles with 4:88 gears.

The MRAP wheels are rated at 10,000 lbs each and the tires are G-rated, so weight is no issue for a MegaRaptor™. The wheels are disassembled, cleaned, sanded, and powder-coated. The 46" Michelin™ XZL tires are professionally mounted and balanced for smooth operation on the highway on a special machine designed by Hunter™ exclusively for large radial tires. We also correct the speedometer via our Hypertech™ calibration programmer.

There are endless options available for a MegaRaptor™ – push bumpers, desert or pre-runner style bumpers, deer guards, electric side steps from Amp Research™, spare tire carriers, front and/or rear winch, high-end EBC™ brakes, custom exhaust, off-road lights, work lamps, power inverters, etc. – whatever you can dream, we can build!

The final cost of your MegaRaptor™ will be determined by your specific needs. Every truck is a true one-off, custom build – no two trucks are identical. We'll start with the base conversion, add your options, and we'll estimate the cost of your build prior to your order so there are no surprise cost overruns.

During the build, you can add/delete/modify items to your build via a change order. Simply send us a request by email, and we will send back a written change order with the associated cost or credit. ALL change orders must be in writing. Sure, we can discuss them over the phone, but the actual change order must be in writing which will include any changes in the total cost of the build. We reserve the right to change prices based on changes from our suppliers, but once we send you a quote (good for 10 days) your prices are guaranteed. A typical conversion takes about 2-3 months, however, due to high demand, it may take a month or more before we have a built slot available.

Call today for YOUR GENUINE MegaRaptor™ by MegaRexxTrucksthe ONE AND ONLY. And be sure to visit for more detailed information.

Please contact us on (910) 465-0270 or via email at for more information. We'll be pleased to give you a complete Facetime walk-around, provide you with a more detailed description, and answer any questions you may have. We're more than happy to help with shipping, and we may personally deliver it to you, depending on where you're located. Better yet, you can fly into our local airport (ILM) just 5 miles away to view and test drive the vehicle if you'd like. THEN DRIVE IT HOME!


Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

The Signature Autosports Team

Year: 2020
Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab Lariat
VIN: 1FT7W2BT1LEE73395
Miles: 10,333
Stock #: 082521

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